Top 15 Payroll Software System for Small & Medium Businesses

In the business world, managing the company’s Payroll is a challenge fraught with difficulties. From adding employees to various Direct Deposits, Deductions, and tax filings, it is essential to be reliable and non-error-prone. It is the point where cloud-based payroll software enters the picture.

Our business is running thanks to our employees. They are hard-working for our customers and us and provide us with tangible results. The payroll software records the entire employee’s payment and maintains a record of the expenses. The most effective payroll software allows you to monitor time attendance, attendance, tax information, and employee pay structure.

You can lower the risk of compliance and simplify the entire payroll process without making the typical changes in the payroll process. The program records every payment and keeps all payment records. It is available at varying prices and levels of complexity and is used by small, large, or medium-sized companies.


They’re a contemporary and innovative platform, unlike traditional HR systems designed to provide a user-friendly experience while simplifying complicated workflows. The management of HR, calculation of Payroll, and talent management are essential actions for any employee-centric business.

The operations need skilled handling. It is not necessary to think about anything other than Keka HR. Keka is among India’s most advanced payroll management software available.


Three plans offer complete service. They provide by QuickBooks, which is well-known for delivering top-quality accounting software. 

The least expensive plan begins at $45 per month. It includes payroll automation and the statutory reports, employee health insurance, and direct deposit for the following day.

Zoho Payroll

Zoho Payroll software is an online cloud platform that simplifies the entire process of payroll administration and administration. 

Zohopayroll can handle everything from centralizing and organizing the details and records of employees to scheduling payments and overseeing compliance with regulatory requirements. Zoho Payroll is an excellent option. 

Zoho Payroll is an online payroll program that meets federal tax and state compliance. Automate tax calculation and Payroll, make online pay stubs, and ensure your employees can pay promptly.

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Paybooks is a user-friendly user interface and is an all-in-one system. It streamlines and automates the entire HR-related processes and is also able to ensure compliance with Payroll laws and regulations of India. 

It was comparing Paybooks with QuickBooks Payroll, Aruti, and Gusto. Paybooks includes a thorough review of Paybooks’s features, prices, and responses to frequently asked questions.


HRMantra has tremendous flexibility and efficient software for managing your payroll system. 

It does not just automate the entire administration and process of payments, but it also allows you to track the life-cycle processes and the details of employees.


HROne is an intelligent, enterprise-ready HCM suite that streamlines HR processes and human interactions and gives real-time insights to create better workplaces. 

It’s the first Indian HCM suite that’s as easy as email.

HR One is an easy, simple-to-use platform that lets you connect all of your HR processes seamlessly. You can track and manage all employees across every location with just a few steps. 

Human Resources One is your HR friend anywhere! Affordable.

BambooHR Software

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR application designed for medium and small enterprises and the employees working in them, like you. 

Thsi software allows you to manage, collect and analyze your employee data, helping you improve how you hire and onboard new employees, handle compensation, and create a business’s culture. 

It can leave you free to concentrate on what is most important to your people.


Gusto offers three levels of service suitable for small and mid-sized businesses that require payroll, with the addition of a few HR features that make it the most suitable overall option. 

Every plan offers full-service, automated payroll, which is ideal for almost every business, based on the requirements.

Gusto is like other payroll software in that it allows direct deposits or checks for the payment of your employees. It also tracks and records federal, state, and local taxes. 

What distinguishes Gusto above other alternatives is that it provides the best option for each level you move up.

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OnPay Software

OnPay is an easy-to-use and cost-effective online payroll system ideal for small-sized businesses.

The payroll software is fully automated and records your federal, state, and local payroll tax. However, you’ll need to approve and run the payroll every time.

If you have information from a different payroll provider that you would like to transfer into OnPay, you can seek assistance. OnPay ensures the accuracy of your data.

Paychex Software

Paychex Flex offers more than 160 reports to have a complete view of the amount of wages tax, turnover, taxes, and much more. This is the best choice for reporting because it ticks every box for what you need from payroll software concerning data and reports. 

Paychex also automatically files your payroll tax and ensures compliance and integrations with other programs you utilize, including benefit and accounting software.

There’s a lot you can like about Paychex. It is easy to create and manage payroll. 


Payroll4Free is the best no-cost payroll solution that’s free, provided you’re willing to complete some manual work. 

You’ll be unable to submit payroll tax returns or pay your employees through the direct deposit method unless prepared to make a modest fee. 

If your business has less than 25 workers, it will be an improvement over the pen-and-paper method for doing payroll.


Rippling is an HR software that offers payroll as an additional feature. 

However, even if you sign up only to use the payroll feature, it’s affordable and more efficient than the other alternatives due to its intense integration with other programs. 

Rippling is included in this list because it integrates into almost every application. Syncing all the data you need for payroll processing makes it more efficient and quicker.

Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack offers you a complete payroll solution to meet all your requirements. It’s a one-stop shop to search for as it fulfills the most sought-after needs of payroll management software.

It is the ideal choice to manage your payroll.

Every screen and option can be categorized as user-wise to restrict access to co-users’ users.

ADP Software

The most well-known brand in HR and payroll is ADP. Their brand name and years of experience are ideal for large businesses or companies expected to increase. 

The plan with the lowest price includes full-service payroll, direct deposit, reports, and an employee portal that is self-service.

ADP always was more than a company that is a professional organization (PEO), but it’s now offering an employee payroll solution that’s more suited for small businesses.

Workful Software

Workful is just one of the newer internet payroll services readily available. Also, it’s currently going far for itself with its top-notch customer support, which is why it’s our best customer care option. 

The geolocation time-clock tracking is straightforward and sufficient to establish, as well as makes certain employees’ clock in and out of wherever you’ve set as suitable. Additionally, workers can send expenditures via the application to compensate with the next payroll run.

Workful is an inexpensive and user-friendly application, however it is not without its constraints. 

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